Metal Woven Dancers

Metal Woven Dancers


The Woven Dancers are part of a collection which explores bead weaving with materials which are not traditional to the craft. The collection explores the different ways this technique can be made contemporary, sculptural and experimental. 

Each woven dancer is hand woven and secured with KO nylon which is made by Miyuki who also specialize in the making of delicas. These earring are durable and lightweight, which make them a great long lasting accessory. 

The woven dancers are made with plated metal beads and consist of a brass or copper base, they will eventually tarnish but due to little or no contact to the skin, they will keep quite well. The ear wires are nickel free.

* Each pair of earrings will feature rolo chain which can be seen on the black, brass and silver pair of earrings*

-Length: 5 inches
-Hand Woven
-Nickel free

Color (metal):
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